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Greetings! This fundraiser has a dual purpose:

To provide a quality sound experience($1200), curate and compensate artists ($400), rehearse & perform original music with a new band ($400) on JUNE 21, 2022 in the Make Music Day Outdoor Music Festival. (

To independently publish my second book: THE DREAM JOURNAL: MERMAIDZ FR: OUTERSPACE ($1500). This “Middle Passage project” aspires to be a book of original #AFROFUTURISMO collages, fictional journal entries, photos, and artifacts.

The TOTAL GOAL is $3500.
(sound budget: $1200. artist budget: $800. book budget: $1500.)

Last summer, HOUSE of ALEijUAN & friends featured about 13 artists/bands on the sidewalk in front of Symphony Music Record Shop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. This year we are collaborating with shops like Life Wellness Center and Botanical Life & Style to create  RIGHTEOUS MUSICAL VIBES on the sidewalk in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

I am expecting the first copies of my first book, The 9 Lives of Oliver 6, within weeks. My second book project is an #AFROFUTURISMO story of the enslaved Africans lost in the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage was the route through the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in which millions of enslaved Africans were transported to the Americas on slave ships.  THE DREAM JOURNAL: MERMAIDZ FR: OUTERSPACE solves the mystery of what happened to millions of Africans dumped overboard by greedy pirates, before ever reaching land. 

THANK YOU in advance for your support.

LoveCraft 5DBK: An evening of open mic poetix, music, and kulture to inform & transform as we reimagine and celebrate the evolution of love. @ Bailey’s Cafe 324 Malcolm X Blvd., BKNY Sunday, February 13, 2022/ doors: 5-10p/various artists: 7-9/ $25 includes positive vibes, appetizers, vendors Partial proceeds will benefit Bailey’s Cafe & Community Center. tickets: This event was postponed.

CLASSIC SOUL SUNDAYS: Inspired by Ruta of Symphony Music – we sipped and painted to the sounds of classic soul. November 7th & 21st. Thanks to ALL who came out!

HAMPER GIVEAWAY: The BROOKLYN METROPOLIS LIONS CLUB & LEOS packed over 200 bags of food for those in need for the holidays on November 13! Thanks to all that donated and help to facilitate this necessary community service. Respect to al INDIGENOUS PEOPLES. Blessings and love.

SAVE THE DATE: BLACK GOLD of the SUN – September 3, 2021 @ Symphony Music Record Shop! #staytuned

Make Music Day is celebrated in 120 countries and over 100 cities around the world! Make Music New York is our cities version. Let’s make music Crown Heights! Featuring a collective of DJs, performance artists, singers, musicians listed as one band – “BLACK GOLD of the SUN!”

Black Gold of the Sun was a blast! The weather was perfect! The artists were brilliant! The sound was professional! The vibes were positive! The people were happy! The music was good! The sponsors kept their word! The block was rocked!

Why do we do it? For the good feelings. It was a hectic day, and I kept hoping we wouldn’t go over time. Eh, we went over 2 hours and 15 minutes. We had fun. Ms. Leesah Pitts was our co-host and she helped keep things moving. Thanks to all who donated their talents and time. This was all for the community in recognition of Make Music Day and in celebration of the 2021 Make Music NY Outdoor Music Festival.


Join us as we support our sis Ms. Kendra Ross and the STooPS Crew as they host The BED-STUY ANNUAL ART CRAWL 2021 this Saturday July 24, 2021! @STooPsBedStuy

SAVE the DATE! June 21, 2021 – Make Music New York Free Outdoor Music Festival

Respectful & responsible mask-wearing & social distancing is encouraged. Gracias.

@ Symphony Music Record Shop (aka JA Juice Shop/791 Crown St.) from 2-7p.

THE 2017 BROOKLYN TASTERS TOUR featuring Make Music NY

The 2017 Brooklyn Love Tasters Tour curates a summer sampling of favorite eateries, artists, and musicians in BK – Wednesday, June 21- Sunday, June 22. 

SAVE THE DATE! June 21, 2021

WEDNESDAY, June 21, 11a-8p “Make Music NY! Outdoor Music Festival” Join us for powerful soundscapes, and experience the experimental.  @ Nicholas Brooklyn 1396 Fulton Street – 11a-2p w/ SHARINA LOUISE, NONI RENE & MORE! @ Kafe Louverture 392 Halsey Street – 2-6p

Kafe Louverture

@ Life Wellness Center/Khadija Hands Project, 376 Tomkins Avenue, 12-4p,  Kabion Sabio @ BKLYN Blend Juice Bar & Cafe, 476 Tompkins Avenue – 4-8p hosted by Ms. VELDA SIMONE featuring SHARINA LOUISE, DOPE SAGITTARIUS, MARK DARKFEATHER, SAMIRA GIBSON, NONI RENE

FRIDAY evening, June 23, 6-10p F.L.Y.  Wedding White Party & Fun Raiser for Lady Black

“First Love Yourself.” How often do we take to honor ourselves, nurture ourselves, and recommit to loving ourselves? This evening will be jammed with discussions on wholistic eating & healing practices, a free yoga class, and life coaching tips in the backyard!  We will unite in white for a mass self-transformation and re-commit ceremony to honoring our authentic selves. 

This event also serves as an official fundraiser honoring the triumphs of Lady Black. Valued friend, performer, dancer, teacher, loving loud mouthed activist – the legendary Lady Black lives life’s lessons and continues to defy the odds and inspire a nation! LOVESPACEMUSIC (House of Aleijuan) celebrates 10 years of creative life, and raises funds for the creative projects and personal procedures of our dearest member, Lady of Black as she performs and transforms. @ Life Wellness Center/Khadija Hands Project – 376 Tomkins Avenue  

Saturday, June 24, 12-6p. “NATURALLY SUPANATURAL: Explorations Thru Black Imagination”

Interactive discussions with:   DJ/artist/herstorian SABINE BLAIZIN Author/cultural critic/filmmaker MILES MARSHALL LEWIS Artist/author/life coach MICAH BLACKLIGHT @ Nicholas Brooklyn, 1396 Fulton Street

Afro-futurists, fantasy realists, graphic artists, comic book and ‘zine fanatics – unite! Buy a book and look… Meet and greet… Discuss and fuss… Listen and learn from amazing artists who bend the boundaries of intellect and imagination with their uniquely creative vision. 

Expect the unexpected. 


@ C’Mon Everybody, 325 Franklin Avenue ————————————————

Sunday, June 25, 1-7p “The Art of Fathering OneSelf”

We are creating a network of support exploring holistic alternatives for men and boys who have fathered themselves, or someone outside themselves AND ARE STILL HERE. Self-made men share and exchange. Refreshments served. Gallery exhibition: MICAH BLACKLIGHT, MICHAEL WILSON, LARRY WEEKES @ Bailey’s Cafe 324 Malcolm X Boulevard

Stephanie of Bailey’s Cafe