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HOUSE OF ALEijUAN is a production company creating/featuring/nurturing independent art, music, dance, theatre and design inspired by the journey of loving oneself. Love is the message. Respect is the key.

Aleijuan (ah-lay-joo-wan) is an multi-media, independent visual and performance artist – Brooklyn-based since 1993.

“From 911 to a public health crisis – I have observed New York and the world – go through major cultural shifts. I work to bring light through my work that may illuminate some of the emotional darkness many feel. We are crowning into a new birth.”

“I have been known by many names, including OVAH, The Crash House, Bennu Ra, Mark Darkfeather, The Powercore, Afro Mosaic Soul, SupaWad, LoveSpaceMusic, Useful Beauty, Ase’ Dance Theater Collective, and Mermaidz from Outerspace. All beautiful evolutions.”

“I watched the birth of Hip Hop. Was mentored by Ray Barretto. Heard Mandela live. And Farrakhan. Sat at the feet of Sonia Sanchez. Worked in the shadow of Lena Horne. Ate strawberries with Geoffrey Holder. Lunched w/ Solange. Flirted w/ Tamia and Grant Hill. Cheered with Judith Jameson. Exchanged autographs with Octavia Butler. And morning nods with Amiri Baraka. Not bad, for a shy kid from Hackensack.”

“Shared stages with Bilal, Nona Hendrix, Malik Yoba, Alexis Hightower, Saul Williams, Wunmi, Imani Uzuri, Amel Larrieux, Brian Green, Barbara Tucker, Erykah Badu, Louie Vega, and Anthony David.”

Danced at legendary NYC parties/clubs like, The Red Parrot, Studio 54, The Palladium, The Tunnel, The Shelter, Fareta’s, Afterlife, Kilaminjaro, Nell’s, Club Savage, The Sound Factory, The Sound Factory Bar, Union Square, Together in Spirit.

“I’ve written/co-written some indie-musicals: Those Who Hear Not the Music Think the Gods Mad, What the Funk is Love, The Clearing, The Jungle Book, A Sundiata Story, and Flight of the Dandelion.

Performed at legendary spots: CBGB’s, The Apollo, BAM Cafe, Lennox Lounge, The Red Rooster. Plus, a club in Germany and Paris. Lol. More to come.

The mission of HOUSE of ALEijUAN arthouse boutique is to offer works that uplift and inspire underserved and mainstream communities. We also foster opportunities for personal and professional growth in art, music, dance, theatre and design. We produce and provide thought-provoking projects, programs and apparel meant to offer superior design, quality, and value to our partners.

HOUSE OF ALEijUAN is an advocate of literacy and education while realizing the value of a compassionate creative process. A wealth of life experiences inform the myriad of ways HOUSE OF ALEijUAN can assist in facilitating engaging, culturally responsible programs.

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HOUSEofALEijUAN@gmail.com or text: 347-797-7706

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Booking Inquiries: 347-797-7706 houseofaleijuan@gmail.com