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Passion 4 Potion: A Love Token

the experience = positive vibes overflow, beauty amazing, creativity sparklin’, good eats & music, a dance here or there, meditations and reflections… well, if u were there, u know.
and it only grows rows of mo’ flows from here, bro!

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Giving thanx for all those who popped into the pop-up… in-person, or online! thank Y😎U SYMPHONY MUSICfor housing the event and always being an inspiration. THANK YπŸ¦‹U ALOE GLOW WELLNESS for sponsoring drinks and general positive vibes! THANK Y😜U to my afro-assistant πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ΆπŸΎfor all ur support!

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Led by master collage artist/ author M. Aleijuan King, Mermaidz From OUTERSPACE: An Adult Child’s Nursery Rhyme in Afro-Futurismo

the only resolutions u need to make are to be joyful, aligned, clear-minded, appreciative, loving, bold, kind, compassionate, sensual, spiritual, passionate, healthier, fun, invigorated, inspired, and [place word here]. remember. #headon#collage#workshop

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MERMAIDZ FROM OUTERSPACE: AN ADULT CHILD’S NURSERY RHYME IN AFRO-FUTURISMO is FINALLY DONE! 15 years in the making – from vision to completion w/ a bunch of life in between.



In 2007, I started conceptualizing a reimagined story of the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage is the expanse of water in the Atlantic Ocean between West Afrika and the Americas where millions of captured and enslaved Afrikans were smuggled through the trans-Atlantic slave trade. MERMAIDZ FROM OUTERSPACE: AN ADULT CHILD’S NURSERY RHYME IN AFRO-FUTURISMO tells the tale of the rescue of the enslaved by Afrikan deities, sea creatures, and merfolk.

Mr. Manning’s Barbershop, the Mermaidz From Outerspace EP by Mark Darkfeather, HOUSE of ALEijUAN


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Aleijuan aka Darfeather Returnz warms it up w/ a few story songs this Thursday eve at Restoration Plaza in BK as The Billie Holiday Theatre presents live music & spoken word in their Skylight Open Series. Thanks to the creative director, Mr. Hollis King, and his team for the hard work and invitation to return. Restoration Plaza – THURSDAY, October 20, 2022 – 6:30-8:30p

Search for Simurgh is an immersive installation featuring the voices of nineteen people sharing their views on freedom, home, search, and oneness. Coupled with intricate photographs of tree bark and meditative choreography, this installation of stories provides an opportunity for attendees to reflect on, and discuss, their own views on freedom and interdependence.

Story Inspiration & Photography: Roya Movafegh Choreography & Direction: Kate Digby Performers: Bea Martino, M. Aleijuan King, Marissa Truitt, Maya Orchin, North of Division X

With gratitude to all past collaborators and performers who contributed to the development of earlier iterations of this piece. With special thanks and endless gratitude to Muni Tahzib for critical support to bring this project to fruition.

Performances: September 23rd @ 7p & 24th @ 3p & @7p

Please arrive at the scheduled performance time. No early admittance. Photos: Imani Jones Ratcliffe, M. Aleijuan King

Aleijuan aka DARKFEATHER_RETURNZ will be doing a short set of songs. plus, additional artists, poets and musicians. check it, check it out: DARKFEATHER_RETURNZ at Restoration Plaza Skylight Open Series. THIS THURSDAY, September 15. 6:30-8:30p No Cover


HOUSE of ALEijUAN is a production company creating/featuring/nurturing independent art, music, dance, theatre and design inspired by the journey of loving oneself.

“I have been exploring visual & performance performance art since my first steps in Hackensack, and living it in Brooklyn since ’93. I am an unconventional master rising to unconventional mastery.” – Aleijuan (ah-lay-joo-wan)

ART (by hand)

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Mama used to tape lil’ pictures of cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse, The Flintstones w/ Dino -the first purple dinosaur.) by the throne to keep me company while potty training. #firstfriends

When I was 11, I often visited Wellington Nursing Home in Hackensack where my Ganny (grandmother) was a volunteer. My school was next door. My class often visited the home for the holidays to sing Christmas songs and visit with the elders. In the summer, I visited on my own when I was bored. The nurses always mentioned my way of calming the patients.

Heading down the hall one day, I saw a man brushing liquid onto a large wooden board. His back was facing the door. The board was more like a piece of wall I had so often seen installed in friends’ basements. Curiosity pulled me inside to find an elder white dude – in a checkered robe and pajamas – standing over a huge panel of plywood supported by a wooden horse. He waved me in with a friendly smile. The good kind. lol.

“Do you know what it is?” I inspected the panel closely. I was startled to see paper images of naked, white bodies pasted together – all arms, legs, chests and breasts. I knew it was art. I knew I shouldn’t laugh. “I’m not sure.” I offered.

“It’s a COL-LAGE.” he said. A cold lodge? No.

We had an exchange on the art of collage. He used his time in the home wisely. He lectured me on the process. I don’t recall his wisdom, yet, I always remember the impression of ‘COL-LAGE.’ In my view, I made my first real collage at 16 years old while in private foster care. I’d settled in with my last family before college. I found a piece of plywood in the basement. The memory was triggered. My family had a stack of old Ebony Magazines. I covered the wood with iconic images of Billie Holiday, Sugar Ray Leonard, Lena Horne and Malcolm X., to name a few. I wrapped it in plastic wrap, and kept it thru all my adventures.

Having my own style is important to me. The only information we were permitted to embrace growing up was Biblical. Television, books, games, music and friends were heavily censored until I was almost 13. I started my own emancipation from a single Mom at 15.

I was hipped late in life to artists like, Romare Bearden, Frida Kahlo, Jean Michel Basquiat, Kara Walker, Wangechi Moto, Kiini Ibura Salaam and Mirlande Jean-Gilles.

I’ve always been a fan of kid’s books with cool art. I started to notice the creative layout of coffee table books and fashion magazines as a kid. Books and film shorts like the work of Walter Dean & Christopher Myers (Harlem), Leo Lionni (Fish is Fish), Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) always fired my imagination.

HOUSE of ALEijUAN Projects in Development The Art of Fathering OneSelf: The Nine Lives of Oliver Six (inspirational book), Mermaidz from Outerspace (Soul’n Funkestra/performance art/musical theatre/book), Love. Space. Music: Memoirs of a NYC Freestyle Dancer (book)

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I dig finding-seeing-allowing the beauty in things. I am griot. Storyteller. Messenger.

Some prints of the above pieces may be available. Inquiries: HOUSEofALEijUAN@gmail.com Please browse our site and apparel shop for more art by Aleijuan aka KING. Cheers!


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Individual studio shots of Aleijuan by photographer John Crooms, Atlanta, Georgia, 2021. Thanx John!


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